I loved vegas!!!

First night we just hung out and then in the evening we went on a limo ride with about 50 other people from our gym who were there early as well and saw a couple small free shows on the way. One show we were late for so both my mom and I could’t see so we went back to the party bus and I had a mini photoshoot inside which was actually soo fun!!! The next day wass soo nice and hot out and the rest of the team was coming that day so we went shopping and suntanned!!! Later that day we had a last minuet practice at the California allstars gym, and then when we got back we had a team dinner. Both Saturday and Sunday was our competition days! The first day we didn’t do soo great  because of all the changes but for sunday we changed it back and we did awesome!!! Monday we spent the whole day on the strip and shopped and just hug out We went to a show as well called the Variety show which had a variety of acts and I loved it. It was soo funny and the people were crazy talented!!! Before we left the strip My friend and I went on the New York New York roller coaster and HOLLY POOP WAS IT EVER SCARRY BUT SOOO FUN!!!!! It was my first actual rollercaoster I have ever been on and I closed my eyes and screamed the whole time but I love it… SO fun :)  A lot of people from the team headed home early that day as well. The next day we went to the outlet mall again and then chilled in the hot tub because it wasnt the warmest. And then we went to the ariport and headed home!!

Overall It was an awesome trip! I was super close to getting my tattoo aswell  but didnt so next week I’m for sure getting it!! Can’t wait!

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